Hello Explorers!

Welcome to my travel blog!

I truly cannot wait to share my adventures with you and help you learn more about the world, and hopefully inspire you to go to places you haven’t yet seen.

For the first little while here, I’ll be posting about adventures past, since I have only recently built this wonderful website, and have yet to post my adventures (that I have written along the way while I travelled) where everyone can see them.

Feel free to always leave your comments or questions and I will be happy to reply and help out or give advise or other information whenever I am able to. All that I ask is that you keep it positive! Life is too short to put each other down, so kind words only please, and I promise to uphold that on my end as well.

Much love always,

Kris <3

2014 in Khajuraho, India
2014 in Khajuraho, India